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Hey all,

Come check out the grand opening of Tomboy Tailors this Saturday. See ya there!

-T + K

Tomboy Tailors, the first ever genderqueer clothing boutique in the nation opens shop Feb 2 in San Fransisco! Offering a menswear collection for female bodies, they will have in-house clothing, custom fittings, a plus line, AND SHOES. Men’s shoes that go as small as 4, in wingtips and saddle and everything nice. All clothes manufactured in the United States and in Italy. Don’t live near San Fransisco? Their complete online store will open in April, and includes fittings over Skype. (Qwear)

Feb. 2, 2-6pm, free
Tomboy Tailors
Crocker Galleria
50 Post, first floor, SF
(Dress to impress)

OH my GOD oh MY god Mia Rox Mia Rox CAN WE GO sometime

*gasp* *gasp*

Passed on from a friend who is very much in the know, this is a growing set of links you can use to shop Native for the holidays and whenever. There is some really beautiful and awesome stuff linked here, and I know you Tumblrites are conscious about appropriation, so here’s a way to get started if you know you need a change and want to support the Native community. Or maybe you already do and you’ll find some cool new stuff here! Please check it out, contribute links and/or pass it on :)