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MerPow Sighting

Oh hello you! <3



With less than two weeks to San Diego Comic-Con, it’s time for another Throwback Thursday, and this one includes a golden throne!

Taken during the Cosplay Photo Op in 2010, which is one of the several Cosplay & Costuming events that happens on the Marvel Stage each year!

Stay tuned to the Marvel Tumblr for more Throwback photos, plus updates about all the Cosplay & Costuming events happening at the Marvel Booth during San Diego Comic-Con this July 17th to July 21st!


Psylocke. Dead center. Mah girl Psykitten Pow <3

Love that standout purple <3 And her man as Gambit is on the left!

Happy #MermaidMonday, everyone! Today’s post is in honor of my girl Pow and our MerMentor, The Mermaid Atlantis! I wanted to link y’all to her Etsy store, where you can get silicone shells and stars like the ones Pow is rocking on her mertitties, swimmable tails like the one I’m wearing in the bottom photo, sequinned pants, scaly miniskirts, and more. She’s an awesome artist who taught me to swim in a monofin and helped Pow make her first tail, the yellow one up top! Truly a finspiration to us all ;)



Superheros pumping gas series go!

*saw this shot in Bellechere’s recent silly photo post and haaaaaad to do it!

Bwahahaha! YES. I wish I could fly, you guys. So bad.

I would like to contribute this photo of Psykitten Pow at the gas station:

Learning to mermaid with The Mermaid Atlantis! And practicing in a beginner tail, with Psykitten Pow in a sequinned Atlantis design.

Photos: Leslie Eckles and Michelle Burton

Mermaid Atlantis and friends

Mermaid Atlantis is not in this shot, but those are her gorgeous designs, and my girl Psykitten Pow is the greenie in the middle! <3 This was an awesome fashion show!



Not bad.

This is the face of BEAUTY



Beachy times

Yesterday we went to the beach and I got thrashed out of the waves so I took out my frustration on the sand and rocks and dug a hole to hide in. Powpow Dig, Powpow Dig, TRIO TRIO TRIO

Pow all Pompeii dead in the hole was a truly horrifying experience. But the hole was nice once you were in. See? Everything’s backlit.




Oh yeah and then I sat in the hole and everyone covered me up and then we made Silv into a sand mermaid with jellyfish and kelp scales.

Dat beach day <3 Notbad.jpg




They are all so perfect I want to cry

look at all these awesome ladies cosplaying as typically male heroes. Tell me they’re not amazing.

Swooooon my League.

That’s not a tear in my eye, it’s just… an eyelash. Really. I’m not nostalgic for this at all. <3