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Sacramento Comic Con Saturday 2014 158 on Flickr.

From Frozen

Roxanna Meta as Elsa

Tallest Silver as Anna

Oh hello, us! Gosh this was such a wonderful day <3


I’m oozing with sophistication and grace. @RoxannaMeta is actually Elsa. Like no really #Frozen #DoYouWannaBuildASnowman

So much love for my adopted sister <3

LOL. At this part in the song, I keep thinking Anna’s going to say “Arandelle’s in deep, deep, deep, deep… shit.”

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Unacceptably adorable

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Snow White ◊◊◊ Disney/ own design

Cosplayer/Costume design: me/Naraku

Photo: Calssara

thank you for this amazing shooting my dear! It is one of my favourite costume and made so much fun to wear it and make little girls happy ❤

Pictures will come today and next days at deviantart too plus 1 or 2 other pictures you don’t see at this set!

you can find me here:  facebook   , main-tumblr  and  deviantART



Year Six Princess Ponies: Misty, Pristina, Taffeta, Moondust.