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So I’m standing around, taking pictures, and I turn around, and I see this…  


Dragon*Con. Atlanta. 2013. The Atlanta Hilton: Patio Courtyard Lobby.

Roxanna Meta as Ant Lucia’s Wonder Woman.. and some new friends (Yoda, R2-D2, & C-3PO)…

Loved this. Love, love, love. <3


There was also drama.

Oh nooooo, hahaha, this is so sad and cute! >.<


some of my fatshion february posts so far. you can find some more at my personal tumblr. 

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Me as Curufin.

I uploaded one photo of this photoshoot some time ago here

Costume was made by me, photo by Iglaness.

I`m still waiting for outdoor photos, I`ll post them as soon as I get them from my photographer.

Also this weekend I hope I`ll make photoshoot of my new costume :)

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Took advantage of the snow today and went out picture taking! Photos are by my roomie (All We Have Is Our Winter). Uncanny X-Force Psylocke costume made by me based off Kris Anka’s design! :D

Meredith being a gorgeous Psylocke.

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Silv? Silv? Silv, let’s do a Marie Antoinette shoot. Silv…??

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Tim Walker

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The adorable and unlikely friendship between a fox and a dog that’s being turned into a children’s fairytale book

Photographer Torgeir Berge

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I can’t handle all the pony cuteness!

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