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Southern Belle in the French Quarter

Model: BelleChere

Photo and manip: Slim Summers

Rogue Corset: Castle Corsetry

Have I reblogged this already? …Do I care? <3

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Took advantage of the snow today and went out picture taking! Photos are by my roomie (All We Have Is Our Winter). Uncanny X-Force Psylocke costume made by me based off Kris Anka’s design! :D

Meredith being a gorgeous Psylocke.

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I’ve always wanted to get Psylocke photos with the cherry blossoms, Kevin made this come true!  We went to High Park while the cherry blossoms were in bloom to shoot, it was packed with wedding shoots at the time. This costume is one of my favorites for Psylocke and seldom done, I love seeing old school costumes cosplayed.

Photo By: Kevin Chan Photography

Ridiculously pretty.

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They would rule the entire marvel universe

Yes. Yes we would. Jazor and I would totally rule the Marvel Univer-OH! You meant the Scarlet Witch and Dr. Doom. That too. 

Photos by Fremen Photography

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New Year 2014 Week (Day 8):

Black Cat from Marvel Universe

Cosplayer: Shizume Kuro
Photographer: Animaze Guy


Ghost Rider

Noxi Photography

Super MegaFest 2013

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Ohoho sweet

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Black Cat - Mike McKone

It’s like if Charles Vess drew Felicia! Gorgeous.

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I’m so excited! The just-published anthology called Hey Kids, Comics! True-Life Tales from the Spinner Rack, which contains a piece I wrote exclusively for the project, is now available to order on Etsy (for those of us who prefer not to shop on Amazon).

I absolutely encourage you all to pick up a copy of this book. It’s packed with heartfelt stories, mostly from the childhoods of comic book legends, authors, journalists, TV and film writers, and just plain fans - all based around a love of comics. I know many of you will recognize the names of the contributors, relate to their stories, and recognize nostalgic tidbits from your own childhoods.

My own story of how I started my relationship with my partner, “The Black Cat and the Gentleman,” is the tenth piece in the book. It’s a bit off the beaten path for this collection, but I am honored to be included - to add a little variety, and a little cosplay :) Thank you to Rob Kelly for all your hard work - this is an amazing collection. I can’t wait for you guys to read it!