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My friend Mary Anne Butler in the Rogue she commissioned from me. Photo by The Watters Mark Photography, taken at Wizard World Sacramento ‘14.


SO much love for this girl. (For you both!)


Southern Belle in the French Quarter

Model: BelleChere

Photo and manip: Slim Summers

Rogue Corset: Castle Corsetry

Have I reblogged this already? …Do I care? <3

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Took advantage of the snow today and went out picture taking! Photos are by my roomie (All We Have Is Our Winter). Uncanny X-Force Psylocke costume made by me based off Kris Anka’s design! :D

Meredith being a gorgeous Psylocke.

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I’ve always wanted to get Psylocke photos with the cherry blossoms, Kevin made this come true!  We went to High Park while the cherry blossoms were in bloom to shoot, it was packed with wedding shoots at the time. This costume is one of my favorites for Psylocke and seldom done, I love seeing old school costumes cosplayed.

Photo By: Kevin Chan Photography

Ridiculously pretty.

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They would rule the entire marvel universe

Yes. Yes we would. Jazor and I would totally rule the Marvel Univer-OH! You meant the Scarlet Witch and Dr. Doom. That too. 

Photos by Fremen Photography


CosplayLala as Domino

Ohhhh, I really like what she put together.

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Domino, cosplayed by KOCosplay, photographed by Ron Gejon

Oh hello my beautiful Domino butt sister!


Black Widow: Roxanna Meta

Oh! Um… oh god oh god oh god this is such an old picture of a costume I threw together for one evening. Thank you for posting it, but I have a MUCH better version of this suit now o_O Honestly!

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Just thought I would get on here for a second to talk about why I’m so proud to be a part of this group. These are the Lightning Bolts, our answer to Iron Man’s Ironettes and Captain America’s USO girls.

Not only did we design and produce identical costumes at the last minute before DragonCon to help Tally’s dream of doing this come true, we also took a stand for the ladies.

On two seperate occasions that night members of our group were sexually harrassed. Both times the Lightning Bolts took matters into their own hands and made it known that not only was it not acceptable,  but it wasn’t going to just slide by. The first guy was removed from the con, the second who actually physically assaulted the girl was arrested. In both cases the girls stood their ground and in one case chased him across the hotel in 4 1/2” platform wedges so that he wouldnt escape authorities.

So basically you shouldnt sexually harass a group of girls who fangirl over the god of thunder.

I was about three feet away from the second incident and let me tell you, this group sprang to ACTION. <3 <3 <3 LADIES!!