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If only you could see Hawkeye dancing with me just out of frame…

(taking a page out of the-bucky-barnes and the-natasha-romanoff's book and doing some silly gif sets. This is from MegaCon 2014)

Star-Lord isn’t the only one who can get down. ;)

I love this girl.

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Marvel Characters Chill By The Pool At Dragon Con

Photo shoots of all kinds happen at Dragon Con. You’ll find gatherings of GI Joe cosplayers, Sailor Scouts, Playboy bunny style versions of everything, and yes, even Marvel characters wearing swimsuits.
Characters in the Marvel bathing suit group include Emma Frost, Rogue, Gambit, Wolverine, Black Cat, Dazzler, and many more.

Photos by Pat Loika.

Cosplayers in the group: Birds of ‘Play, Chrissy Lynn, Michael Huffman, and Chloe Dykstra

This was sooo, soooo, soso much fun. I’m Namorita, in the linen “sail dress” and gold seashells :)

Aww, yayyy! It’s me and pkpow and an awesome new Supergirl friend at Dragon Con this year.

I don’t let just anyone hold my soulsword, you know. ;)


Scarlet Witch & Phoenix going for bubble tea… and then ended up at the pool! 

tallestsilver as Scarlet Witch - Marvel

roxannameta as Phoenix - Marvel 

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Do you cosplay? Contact me! Looking to photograph cosplayers for this on going project! 

Nooo, we weren’t having fun at all <3


What do you think of these Marvel Universe Cosplay Portraits from Dragon Con, including Ultron, Namor, Moonstone, Mystique, Daredevil and Odin?

Photos by Bill Watters.

Photos by Bill Watters?? WELL YEAH! <3

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well, i am groot

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Great picture of my Rocket at Akon! The photographer was fantastic. Check him out on facebook!

Photo by: Ken AD Photography on Facebook

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Preview picture!  I don’t have my makeup perfect or the bottom half finished, but I’ve made good progress on my White Queen costume!

I said “oh” out loud

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My friend Mary Anne Butler in the Rogue she commissioned from me. Photo by The Watters Mark Photography, taken at Wizard World Sacramento ‘14.


SO much love for this girl. (For you both!)