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- It was something like the third try.
- I didn’t “roll” it because it was for a still image and not supposed to be video.
- Yes, this was incredibly fun to do =)

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Jasmine by *Fisticuff-Cosplay on Deviantart.



Disney princesses in haute couture

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The1nOnlyMCRangel as Jasmine (winter)

Photo by Jayce Williams

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Jasmine doesn’t bow to anyone ;)

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tracihinesI think this is hilarious. #behindthescenes of an #Aladdin & #Jasmine performance! Haha! Here with @mrleozombie as Al. I’m playing Jazzy, (rolling the magic music machine) and Carpet as himself. Pic by Genie-Rae (aka @lilraecakes) and costumes by @lillyxandra

I love pictures of flawless cosplayers doing everyday things. :)

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Disney + Hair Porn


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Jasmine by Rarity’s Boutique (Wondercon)

Oh my.

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Raiya Corsiglia - Director
Aladdin & Jasmine Photo shoot with Traci Hines & Leo Camacho!

Photo by Raiya Corsiglia
Costumes by JoEllen Elam

Forever reblog

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