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Photographer: Sonja Saur
Headpiece: Posh Fairytale Couture
Makeup: Rachel Sigmon
Model: Lina Metz

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A stunning Deer Faun #cosplay by Nana Kuronoma with photo by Franz Sauer. #cosplay

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What is “Ladies of Power”?

"Ladies of Power" is a 12 month calendar project celebrating female empowerment and women of all shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s primarily a cosplay calendar, but also some of the cosplayers are also alt models, burlesque dancers, artists, and other incredible women all coming together to celebrate what it means to be a woman. 

This calendar includes a variety of different women between ages 19 and 55.  It also includes women of color, LGBT, trans*, maternity, curvy voluptuous women - generally truly beautiful women you tend to not always see featured in calendars, especially ones involving cosplayers. :) All women in the calendar are local to the Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas metroplex. 

Each month is a different geeky media category - Literature, Sci Fi, Anime, Video Games, Comics, etc. Characters range from historical beauties like Audrey Hepburn, to Harry Potter’s  Hermione Granger, to X-Men’s Storm, to Spider-man’s Black Cat, to anime’s Sailor Moon, to horror star Freddy Kreuger, to a female incarnation of the Doctor from Doctor Who, and beyond!

(And did we mention, one month features a sexy trio of Black Cat (Spider-man), Catwoman (Batman), and Cheetah (Catwoman) getting their feline prowess on together? ;) That’s something you don’t want to miss!) 

We feel beauty and power come in all forms and it’s not something you typically see in mainstream media and even in niche circles like nerd communities and that’s a shame. Beauty is subjective and we want to provide a product that caters to many different beauty and power ideals other than what is currently on the market. 

But what of the empowerment aspect? We focus on empowerment because ALL proceeds of the calendars sales once they’re printed will go to the Genesis Women’s Shelter in Dallas, Texas.  This shelter provides resources for women and children who suffer from abuse, addiction, poverty, etc - including:

  • shelter
  • food
  • clothing
  • access to internet and phones
  • childcare for children too young for school
  • medical assistance for those recovering from addiction and/or abuse
  • legal aid for those saving themselves and/or their family from an abusive situation
  • assistance with job acquisition to help get women, especially singe mothers, out of poverty
  • assistance with acquiring affordable safe vehicles and apartment homes
  • therapy and counseling for all women and children in the shelter
  • a 24 hour help hotline

and tons of other valuable resources to those in need!

We’re hoping the images in the calendar and the proceeds of said calendar’s sales will help to better empower the women at this shelter and many more all over the world. :) 

To get this thing printed please DONATE HERE! (It will cost $1,250 USD to print 250 high quality copies from a very wonderful, green company) 

So please take a moment to support a worthwhile cause featuring some very sexy, powerful babes! And if you can’t donate to the cause you can help by spreading the word! 


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So uh

this is what I did today.


Cutie!! I love that first one

Preeeetty freaking cuuute.


There was also drama.

Oh nooooo, hahaha, this is so sad and cute! >.<


Can’t believe I get to say this but… Elsa’s bodice is finally done!
Everything is hand-sewn and it’s taken waaaaay longer than I anticipated.

Well holy crap, is that a beautiful piece of work.




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This is shockingly good!

Holy crap. I was like “that’s funny, I don’t remember any of these promo shots, which is weird…” And even going back now that I know, it’s hard to tell the difference. Amazing. Just amazing.

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Symbols of Middle-Earth

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