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The #Xmen’s #Nightcrawler! #cosplay by Mrdustinn. Photo by @Bigwhitebazooka. #cosplay #comicbooks






Oh.. you know… Black Canary & Power Girl hanging out poolside catching some rays and taking selfies! 

roxannameta - Black Canary - DC Comics

tallestsilver - Power Girl - DC Comics

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This shoot was SO MUCH fun!! <3 <3

Canary checking PG’s take off. B)

Dinah is so going to get herself some Power lurve-ing ;D

I know a good butt when I see one, just sayin’.


Scarlet Witch & Phoenix going for bubble tea… and then ended up at the pool! 

tallestsilver as Scarlet Witch - Marvel

roxannameta as Phoenix - Marvel 

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Do you cosplay? Contact me! Looking to photograph cosplayers for this on going project! 

Nooo, we weren’t having fun at all <3


What do you think of these Marvel Universe Cosplay Portraits from Dragon Con, including Ultron, Namor, Moonstone, Mystique, Daredevil and Odin?

Photos by Bill Watters.

Photos by Bill Watters?? WELL YEAH! <3

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SPOTLIGHT ON: Mr. Anthony Misiano’s Joker cosplays. Harley’s Joker and Joker’s Harley, they call themselves, and their eye for imitation is uncanny. Lovely job

<3 these two.

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Oh.. you know… Black Canary & Power Girl hanging out poolside catching some rays and taking selfies! 

roxannameta - Black Canary - DC Comics

tallestsilver - Power Girl - DC Comics

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We’re just chillin’ like villai- oh no, wait.



Anonymous asked you: ~ "What is the proper etiquette when asking someone to pose for you?"

Wow. That is a very good question.
The simple answer is you just simply ask:  “Hi. Can I take your picture?”.  ~  Most everyone says sure, of course you can. The people dressed up have spent many long hours — or more likely days or even months — designing their Cosplay outfits. They’ve come a long way to a comic book convention hoping to show to the Pop Culture World their specific art — their specific hard work — their individual Self-Definition —- their specific take on a Character that they identify with in some way. In other words, for most Cosplayers this is kind of important to them, ya know? …. Means something to them…  And clearly it’s important to US since we’re walkin’ around taking thousands of pictures and posting them online and lookin’ at ‘em all year and everything.. ya know?…  So its a give and take. It’s so very important to remember that. We’re all in it together. They look forward to this just as much as we do. Most of them actually really want you to take their picture. They HOPE you will take their picture. Just like you want and hope to take their picture, too.


Cause NOT EVERYBODY wants you to take their picture. Trust me.
And if they say no, then you say “ok” and off you go.
You move on and leave ‘em alone.
Simple as that.

You have to realize that you don’t have any “right” to their image. This isn’t Hollywood Boulevard and they aren’t Kardashians. If someone is already posing and there’s a swarm of photographers all around, then sure just jump on in and take your best pic while you can. Have fun! But if the cosplayer is just walking or standing around or looking at something or talking to someone or busy or just whatever, then, yeah, its up to YOU to ask THEM if its OK to take their picture. Most times they say of course and all is good.

Just treat them like you would like to be treated.

And try your best not to be rude. It’s not a science. It’s not perfect. Misunderstandings happen. Trust me. They happen all the time. You have no idea how many people out there that are really very tired of me (apparently I don’t take pictures like other people.. I take too long..etc.. sigh.. just doing my best…). But you do your best and carry on.

Maybe they are in a rush (happens ALL the time). Maybe they are exhausted (see my recent Doc Ock pics.. the poor guy was drenched in sweat). Maybe they just aren’t in the mood. Maybe they don’t like the look of YOU. Whatever the reason…. You ask nice and wait for the ok sign. If its no, then your done.


And one more thing, whenever I possibly can, I ask if they want my card (most ask me for it first) and I ask if they want me to post their name or blog-site or any info about them with any pics I post of them… Sometimes they just are impossible to reach (rush-rush-rush-million-people-taking-pic-rush), or they say no… But I do try to ask everyone their name… It just seems to me that they all spent so much time creating their cosplay designs and art and everything, the least I can do is give them all the credit for it.. the credit for their art… Seems the only way to be proper and all about it, ya know?

——anyway….. pretty sure I answered your question…

Just do your best, ask nicely, have fun, be respectful, and try your best not to piss anybody off.

oh.. and if you’re in the dealer’s room, don’t block the middle of the damn aisle.

:M.V. Partsch:


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Khal Drené Cosplay as Khal Drogo and Gigawatts as Daenerys Targaryen. Photo by ModelMosa at SDCC 2014.

(next week we’ll publish a nice interview with Khal Drené don’t miss it!!!)


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Asker dalekofchaos Asks:
Your blog, videos and cosplays always brings a smile to my face :D
roxannameta roxannameta Said:


Why thank you! 

Have a behind the scenes shot of the photoshoot I did as Lady Amalthea with Subversive Photography


Ohohoho yes. Plus, I took this shot. #TheHellaPlaces #VictorianSpiritPhotography