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Marvel Characters Chill By The Pool At Dragon Con

Photo shoots of all kinds happen at Dragon Con. You’ll find gatherings of GI Joe cosplayers, Sailor Scouts, Playboy bunny style versions of everything, and yes, even Marvel characters wearing swimsuits.
Characters in the Marvel bathing suit group include Emma Frost, Rogue, Gambit, Wolverine, Black Cat, Dazzler, and many more.

Photos by Pat Loika.

Cosplayers in the group: Birds of ‘Play, Chrissy Lynn, Michael Huffman, and Chloe Dykstra

This was sooo, soooo, soso much fun. I’m Namorita, in the linen “sail dress” and gold seashells :)


I believe in the phrase ‘Art imitates life’, which is why I relate to the term ‘artist’ over ‘entertainer’. It’s always hard for me to say what my favorite character or costume I’ve made is because it’s most times a visceral thing for me.

This is 2014 so far. Lust, Abaddon, and Hela are three out of the four new costumes I’ve made for myself this year. Red Sonja and Captain Marvel were photoshoots. I see a lot of vindictiveness, and hurt, and anger.

Then I look at the costumes I’m enthused to be currently working on for myself - Diva Plavalaguna, Edward Kenway, Barbarella, Gambit’s jacket, Witchblade - and I feel like I’m headed in a better direction. Ready for adventure.

Cosplay can be pretty damn cathartic.

Beautiful lady, you are.


(via Catwoman and Poison Ivy | SDCC 2013 | Kick Ass Cosplay | Pinterest)

Traci Hines and Charisma Star - please credit the (gorgeous) cosplayer!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
So there was this outrage against the depiction of rape in the comic, Kick Ass 2. Enough so that the movie adaptation had the scene changed. This is a series known for its brutal violence which includes murders. Why is murder not as controversial as rape?
roxannameta roxannameta Said:


Trigger warning for any of my followers. Just scroll away if you have to. 

Because murder has no immediate survivors who have to suffer through the experience of being brutalized and rape survivors do? Because there is a HUGE culture around rape and how the victim somehow led to their rape, but nobody really accuses a murder victim of being sooo easy to kill or that they were asking for it. Because it’s used so dismissively. Because there’s more evidence of a murder, but most rape goes unreported. 

Like, seriously Anon? And you must be seriously cowardly and expecting some backlash since you are on Anonymous.

Also, that rape scene you spoke of? Just another attempt for Millar to be OMG SO EDGY LOOK RED MIST  MOTHER FUCKER JUST RAPED A GIRL.  

No. It’s not edgy. It’s not dark. This happens too frequently. 

O Silver my Silver










uh excuse me wasn’t it adamantium

no it’s vibranium



Aren’t wolverine’s bones made of adamantium?

No, Wolverine’s bones are made of crystalized maple syrup and universal health care.


now my favourite post on tumblr


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Time to start posting some of the great stuff we got on our inaugural #TheHellaPlaces weekend trip!

Aquaman is Roxanna Meta; Photographed in October at Panther Beach in Santa Cruz, CA; (c) Subversive Photography 2013

i love aquaman and pretty cosplayers 

this is so perf. :3 

<3! Thank you! Made my day.


Rule 63 Black Canary & Huntress

Surprise sighting of Black Manary and Hunter!! Two of my all-time favorite people. You can see more at United Underworld’s Facebook page!



It was my friend’s mom’s birthday yesterday. Both our moms are single parents and I started thinking about how strong they had to be for us. Then I started thinking about women of color in general. Being a PoC ain’t a walk in the park by itself, but add being a woman in a patriarchal society? Nahhh. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for women of color. AND THEN people have the nerve to call em out on being hard and growing a thick skin, telling them to smile and be happy n’ shit. Fuck outta here. Women that face all that bull and STILL manage to come out on top amaze me. 

These thoughts inspired this piece. A black Wonder Woman. 

That is really beautiful.

Oh that IS really beautiful.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Who would you cast as Virtue?
roxannameta roxannameta Said:


I don’t know, she is physically supposed to look a lot like the great cosplayer Miss Jay Justice, but I don’t know if Jay is interested in acting!

I just don’t know that many actors and actresses, I don’t watch tv much and have no memory for names. Suggestions?

Virtue is only seventeen years old, so someone young and awesome.

Ha awesome!! Go Jay!


New Year 2014 Week (Day 8):

Black Cat from Marvel Universe

Cosplayer: Shizume Kuro
Photographer: Animaze Guy