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Tippi Hedren and Melanie Griffith at home with their pet lion

Just jaw dropping.

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In place of the Dark Lord, you would have a Queen!
Not dark, but beautiful and terrible as the Dawn!

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My beaut ❤❤❤❤ #gaga #applause

Instagrams from the Neil Gaiman signing in Santa Rosa (hosted by Copperfield’s) last night! Meagan Marie, Abby Dark-Star and Keith Zendragon were all kinds of generous to me and I had such a wonderful time. This man is - well, he is authentically inspirational.



if i can just


here have that reaction image on me

All hail Lucille Ball.

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Here are some awesome and empowering quotes from several very strong female celebrities. 

And Kristen Stewart.

No, you know what? Fuck you.

Let me tell you about Kristen Stewart.

Let’s talk about how she’s the centerpiece of one of the most inexplicably popular misogynistic pieces of film shit and somehow gets blamed for it sucking, despite the fact that, hey, the books were actually worse. For those who were lucky enough to escape reading the actual books, her apparent lack of emotion is 100% accurate to Bella’s character, because Bella is in fact not a character but a blank white wall for fourteen-year-old girls to project themselves onto. Robert Pattinson is not the only one in the cast who hates Twilight, thank you.

Let’s talk about how she got crucified in the media for having an affair with a married man, when that man was her director. And let’s remember that she was called all manner of things for “ruining her relationship with RPattz” when she wasn’t even engaged to the dude, let alone married with kids. But oh no, she gets called a slut because she’s Kristen Stewart, she gets her career fucked because she’s Kristen Stewart, and the dude gets off scott free.

Let’s talk about how she is incredibly shy and anxious (rather, incidentally, like Chris Evans) but does film anyway, because she’s just that awesome.

Fuck your noise. She’s not the best actor in the world but she sure as hell doesn’t deserve that kind of shit.

^thank you


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Well damn. Imagine turning around and seeing that.

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The cast of Game of Thrones get glammed up (x)

Double Robb action?? Hell yes!


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