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Black Widow: Roxanna Meta

Oh! Um… oh god oh god oh god this is such an old picture of a costume I threw together for one evening. Thank you for posting it, but I have a MUCH better version of this suit now o_O Honestly!

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I recently launched my first fashion line of nerdy active wear at Haus of M, the store I share with the lovely Roxanna Meta. I’ve begun sales today! More pieces will be added soon. Please check it out and pass on the word! <3. 

So about how well made these are. And COMFY. 

FOR REAL. Everything she makes is simply designed, so it’s really affordable, but it still manages to be completely punchy, fun, and unique. That’s the magic of Mia! Go check out the store NOW NOW NOW! (You’re gonna need that Daenerys Targaryen-inspired tunic! And more designs are coming soon!!)


Ladies of SHIELD

LadyS being perfect, and I love that Maria Hill, too!

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I feel a kinship with this one.

Plus, I like the at-home setting and the black-and-whiteness.

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Butts of PAX East, featuring Spider-Man, Hawkeye/Hawkguy, Green Goblin, Black Widow, & Scarlet Witch.

(From L to R: Aaron Rivin, Steven Meissner, Sawyer Payne, Kit Quinn, & Tallest Silver ♡)

These are the butts of some of my favorite people


Black Widow | MegaCon 2013

It’s a little blurry, but I just had to post this because I’ve really been working on getting my form back. This is the first “kick pose” I’ve done in the past two years that I’m satisfied with my form.

Well obviously, because this girl IS Black Widow.


Black Widow photos from Toronto Comic Con 2013
Photos By: ASPhotography

It’s just really not okay how beautiful Gillykins is.

(via cpt-tightpants)

I’ve started an online shop for myself and my girl Mia Ballistic, so we can begin exercising our creativity in the form of making cool shtuff to sell. We’ve been talking about this for a while, and it’s time to just go for it!

Currently it’s featuring my very first ever run of 8x10 prints, including some of y’all’s favorites like Black Canary and Aqualass…  If having me sign somethin’ glossy so you can slap it on your wall strikes your fancy.

The other section will be growing soon and will include all sorts of bits and pieces to help you create your very own cosplay. Right now you can buy a handcrafted Black Widow belt buckle just like the one I use!

And to finish up the promotion-ing, y’all should know that a good way to keep up with updates is to follow me on Facebook: