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uh excuse me wasn’t it adamantium

no it’s vibranium



Aren’t wolverine’s bones made of adamantium?

No, Wolverine’s bones are made of crystalized maple syrup and universal health care.


now my favourite post on tumblr


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They would rule the entire marvel universe

Yes. Yes we would. Jazor and I would totally rule the Marvel Univer-OH! You meant the Scarlet Witch and Dr. Doom. That too. 

Photos by Fremen Photography


Black Widow: Roxanna Meta

Oh! Um… oh god oh god oh god this is such an old picture of a costume I threw together for one evening. Thank you for posting it, but I have a MUCH better version of this suit now o_O Honestly!

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Jane Foster (Thor 2) | DragonCon 2013

Dress hand dyed and sewn together by me.

Armor crafted together by SoloRoboto Industries

Photography by Tobias Royal Photography and Bill Watters

Yay! And Subversive Photography as Thor! <3 You guys.

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Just thought I would get on here for a second to talk about why I’m so proud to be a part of this group. These are the Lightning Bolts, our answer to Iron Man’s Ironettes and Captain America’s USO girls.

Not only did we design and produce identical costumes at the last minute before DragonCon to help Tally’s dream of doing this come true, we also took a stand for the ladies.

On two seperate occasions that night members of our group were sexually harrassed. Both times the Lightning Bolts took matters into their own hands and made it known that not only was it not acceptable,  but it wasn’t going to just slide by. The first guy was removed from the con, the second who actually physically assaulted the girl was arrested. In both cases the girls stood their ground and in one case chased him across the hotel in 4 1/2” platform wedges so that he wouldnt escape authorities.

So basically you shouldnt sexually harass a group of girls who fangirl over the god of thunder.

I was about three feet away from the second incident and let me tell you, this group sprang to ACTION. <3 <3 <3 LADIES!!






Smash! Crop Top & Booty Shorts Combo, $48, by Haus of M

Haus of M is the new fashion line by cosplayers Roxanna Meta & Mia Ballistic (of Estrogen Force 3), with a primary focus on activewear for comic fans. This workout-ready interpretation of She-Hulk’s digs is a cute blend of costume, fashion, and athletic wear. This set is made to order and custom-tailored to your measurements.

Note: the crop top and booty shorts can also be purchased separately!

Oh my gosh! Thank you for featuring my designs!

Mia did a thing, and as someone who loves to exercise in cute clothes, let me tell you that her thing is a godsend to exercise, cuteness, and general gooditudes.

I literally love everything about this post

Honestly, all the enthusiastic feedback is making me feel so warm and fuzzy. I’ve actually just added additional items to the store! This uber-cute and comfy hoodie is now for sale, y’all! 

Keep checking the store! I’m adding many more goodies in the next week! Thanks again for your kind words and support! <3.

Aww yay, a picture of Super K never fails to make me happy <3. That fleecy hoodie felt so comfy in person, too…!


If a prancing Thor doesn’t make you feel better then I don’t know what the fuck will.


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I recently launched my first fashion line of nerdy active wear at Haus of M, the store I share with the lovely Roxanna Meta. I’ve begun sales today! More pieces will be added soon. Please check it out and pass on the word! <3. 

So about how well made these are. And COMFY. 

FOR REAL. Everything she makes is simply designed, so it’s really affordable, but it still manages to be completely punchy, fun, and unique. That’s the magic of Mia! Go check out the store NOW NOW NOW! (You’re gonna need that Daenerys Targaryen-inspired tunic! And more designs are coming soon!!)


Scarlet Witch

You mean TALLEST SILVER as Scarlet Witch!

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Ms. Marvel ~ Costume made and modeled by me, BelleChere

In February, I was fortunate enough to be brought over to Taiwan as a ‘Cosplay Ambassador’. Despite the model agency warning me that I might ‘intimidate’ the locals (being about 6’ in heels, with a frame they’re certainly not used to seeing over there), and saying that they might not recognize the characters I portrayed, the locals loved the all-American heroines like Ms. Marvel and Power Girl. They were really enthusiastic to see some western comic cosplay and kept saying they wanted to see more.

These two pictures were taken in an abandoned warehouse outside of Taipei, part of a photoshoot where local photographers were invited to attend. One photographer left during lunch, and afterwards returned with prints of the photos he just took, and these are two of them. It was very sweet of him! Unfortunately they got scuffed in travel, and my scanner is not fantastic, but I think the grit adds character.

Favorite pics of her Ms. Marvel so far! Love the grit.