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Thank you for making this rebloggable. I saw it on ALB’s blog and it really struck a chord with me. I was also raised Catholic and can’t shake my pro-life roots, but I’m also becoming more and more feminist, and I’m having trouble reconciling those things. This helped me in starting to find peace with it.

I’ve been thinking about this one all day. I don’t normally reblog/post things, but I want to ask…

Doesn’t this make you basically pro-choice? To me, if you support the right of all women to have decision-making control over their bodies and their health, including when it comes down to deciding whether to have children or not, then you are pro-choice. The pro-life argument, to me, is basically an anti-choice argument. If you made the decision to keep a pregnancy rather than end it, then you are still exercising your freedom of choice… if you go one step further and you support the right of others to make decisions as they see fit, then that makes you pro-choice.

I guess I’m confused by the question and the response. It smacks of “I’m pro-choice buuut”, which has always bothered me. Whatever your personal decisions about your own body are, if you support the freedom of others, then you are pro-choice, period.

Tell me if I’m misunderstanding. I wasn’t raised religiously so I don’t have the same mindset.

Well, I have a lot of further, complicated thoughts swirling around in my head about it. No, I don’t think this post is singly the answer. But it helped me ruminate.

My problem is that I do believe life begins at conception, and so abortion is murder. But there are some ways around this. The book “How to Be a Woman” by Caitlin Moran gave me a lot of food for thought: the idea that in some cases, it actually CAN be okay to take someone else’s life. The idea that there is some crossover here with euthanasia, or self-defense. This isn’t exactly about simple freedom of choice for me, the way you’re phrasing it. It’s about when it’s okay to exercise control over the life of another person.

Basically I am forced to admit that there are situations in which it’s okay to kill, even though I consider that an utterly drastic measure and I probably could never kill anyone myself.

And I call myself pro-life because I don’t WANT to call myself pro-choice. I can’t go that far right now. I have a lot more to think about before then.

Besides, you’re making the incorrect assumption that, as Alb put it, “being personally pro-life and not forcing your shit on anyone or voting for pro-life shenanigans” is the same thing as “supporting the right of all women to etc.” It is not, not to me. I do the first thing but not the second. I remain silent. I do not support either side at the moment.

(I think Alb misphrased slightly when she described her mother as being personally pro-life while politically pro-choice, but the rest was spot on.)

I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. I see the fetus as part of the mother until it’s born, thus she has a right to keep it or not. When you start seeing a fetus as a person with rights, you get into all kinds of hairy situations like when pregnant women are incarcerated for not carrying their pregnancy the “right” way, or when women are charged with murder when they miscarry, etc. It makes more sense to allow the one who is already a complete human being to have decision-making agency over her own body.

I’m glad you’re thinking about it, though. It gives me hope that everyone will someday see the importance of allowing women this decision that impacts nearly every facet of their lives - economics, mental/physical health, ability to work, ability to make sexual decisions, etc. Reproductive rights are a pretty important aspect of the feminist movement.

Other people have written about this much better than I could, so I’m not going to write any more on it. Here’s a good article on why being pro-choice matters, and I recommend the whole blog, actually:

This goes for everyone on my friend list: if you’re offended or mad at me or anything, all I ask is that you please, please read the article. It lays the issues out so much more succinctly and comprehensively than I ever could.

I’ll delete these posts in a few days, as I always do.


My PERSONAL view is that there is no difference in the mother/child relationship whether the child is in her womb or out of it. Miscarriage, in this logic, is not the fault of the mother and is like any kind of accident that happens in our lives. This is how I see it. Because a child is dependent on its mother whether or not it’s inside her (and plenty of babies are born prematurely and are able to live outside when they should be inside), I PERSONALLY see no distinct line that can be drawn when somebody gains “personhood” except conception. I am not trying to convince anyone else that I’m right. In fact, as the original post said, that is the opposite of what I’m doing.

This is exactly why I have never, EVER discussed this on the internet before, and I will try to never do so again. I did not write my original post in order to start a discussion, in order to be condescended to (gosh, I’m glad I “give you hope”) or in order to sit here and listen while you try to change my mind.