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Traci Hines and Charisma Star - please credit the (gorgeous) cosplayer!


Holly Burnham | Brightside Boutique Lookbook | The Sound Garden

This will never not feel like home.

This will never not feel like home.

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#these two run a country


We interrupt this week’s promotion of the latest photo set to give you this very important video message from Kato.

Thank you.

Whatever, shes’ super cute



This is Theo, he is a Pekingese…



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Asker Anonymous Asks:
So there was this outrage against the depiction of rape in the comic, Kick Ass 2. Enough so that the movie adaptation had the scene changed. This is a series known for its brutal violence which includes murders. Why is murder not as controversial as rape?
roxannameta roxannameta Said:


Trigger warning for any of my followers. Just scroll away if you have to. 

Because murder has no immediate survivors who have to suffer through the experience of being brutalized and rape survivors do? Because there is a HUGE culture around rape and how the victim somehow led to their rape, but nobody really accuses a murder victim of being sooo easy to kill or that they were asking for it. Because it’s used so dismissively. Because there’s more evidence of a murder, but most rape goes unreported. 

Like, seriously Anon? And you must be seriously cowardly and expecting some backlash since you are on Anonymous.

Also, that rape scene you spoke of? Just another attempt for Millar to be OMG SO EDGY LOOK RED MIST  MOTHER FUCKER JUST RAPED A GIRL.  

No. It’s not edgy. It’s not dark. This happens too frequently. 

O Silver my Silver