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Going for that school marm hottie look.
Shirt is Forever21 and skirt is Modcloth.

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Sacramento Comic Con Saturday 2014 158 on Flickr.

From Frozen

Roxanna Meta as Elsa

Tallest Silver as Anna

Oh hello, us! Gosh this was such a wonderful day <3


Mia Ballistic

-From Mr.

Never not reblog my girl <3


Anna telling me I’m right- Hannibal IS a cannibal

LOL! You guys were cute. Love, Elsa.


Oh god comic con was so fun, I met several fannibals who recognized me but no one else who cosplayed as will graham or Hannibal. I found one Hannibal merchandise there and bought it, of course, and there was plenty of Sherlock and Dr who and I ran into an Elsa and Anna who were just supper well done and Anna loved my cosplay and insisted I get help as soon as possible and gave me a long hug- it seemed other people really wanted to give will graham a hug as well.

Yay! I remember you :D Thank you!


My friend Mary Anne Butler in the Rogue she commissioned from me. Photo by The Watters Mark Photography, taken at Wizard World Sacramento ‘14.


SO much love for this girl. (For you both!)


I’m oozing with sophistication and grace. @RoxannaMeta is actually Elsa. Like no really #Frozen #DoYouWannaBuildASnowman

So much love for my adopted sister <3


Southern Belle in the French Quarter

Model: BelleChere

Photo and manip: Slim Summers

Rogue Corset: Castle Corsetry

Have I reblogged this already? …Do I care? <3

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How the fuck is that even supposed to work
every cosplayer ever to live (via for-the-cosplay)

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Traci Hines and Charisma Star - please credit the (gorgeous) cosplayer!